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Earn prestige by completing missions, discovering new planets, increasing population, and fulfilling your hidden objective. Variable player powers and game-changing events mean that every game is as different as the planets in our galaxy! 

  • Supports Multiple Play Styles: Based on who is playing, Stellar Leap can be semi-cooperative, really aggressive, or somewhere in between and you can win by playing in any of those ways. 
  • Custom Game Length: Change the play time easily by increasing or decreasing the number of events to complete the game.
  • Player Choice Matters: Choose your player power and hidden trait to help support your specific strategy, designate which planets and asteroids to place where they'll benefit you the most, and choose when the game ends by either causing events to trigger or avoiding them.
  • AI Variants: Experience the galaxy of Stellar Leap against a variety of opponents on your own or add an AI to your two player games to simulate the three or four player game.

Every pledge grants access to the pledge manager after the campaign ends. 

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Game Contents: 

  • 5 Large Player Boards
  • 24 Planet and Asteroids Cards
  • 1 Kickstarter Exclusive Promo Card
  • 12 Event Cards
  • 5 Home Planets
  • 34 Mission Cards
  • 8 Trait Cards
  • 3 Universal Cards
  • 8 Species Cards
  • 8 Traits Cards
  • 6 Dice Cards
  • 50 Wooden Player Figures
  • 5 Dice, 2 16mm Black Dice, 3 Grey 12mm
  • 60 Player Tokens
  • 45 Wooden Cubes
  • 5 Reference Cards
  • 3 Solo AI Cards

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Playtesting Stellar Leap
Playtesting Stellar Leap


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You can learn from the full rules here (The rules are not final and will be formatted better in the final game).  We are working on getting the rules translated into German, Italian, and Spanish now. If you'd like us to add another language, please tell us! 

You can download the black and white, non graphical Print and Play here 

Check out Stellar Leap on Tabletopia:

At the start of your turn, roll two dice. 

 Choose between your unique Species Dice Power and the shared Universal Power to change the dice to what will benefit you the most.  

Planets now generate resources if they are in the columns matching the die values and the sum of the die values (up to three columns). Every player with at least one population on any planet located in the matching columns receives the resources noted on the planet card.

The four resources are fuel, water, food, and oxygen. Food and water are used to grow your population, fuel and oxygen are used to move around the galaxy, and all of them are used to complete missions to help those who need it. 

Next is the Action Phase! You get to perform two High Command Actions, activate any of your three Divisions, and move about the galaxy as you wish. 

The High Command actions include: increasing your population, discovering a new planet or asteroid, taxing to gain resources, and attacking your opponents to gain control of a planet. There are three Divisions at your disposal: Mining, which mines asteroids, Labor, which gains resources, and Intelligence, which completes missions. 

 Events are triggered by player actions during regular gameplay. In the case below, an entire solar system has been discovered! Events can be good or bad, instant or ongoing until the next event, and they're typically better for the player that triggered the event. 

Gameplay continues until six events are triggered, then players get an equal number of turns and the game is over! 

When the game ends, players tally up their scores by adding up their prestige gained from completing missions, their player board achievements, and from their no longer hidden trait. 


More previews will be added shortly! 

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Playtesting Stellar Leap
Playtesting Stellar Leap


  • One Copy of Stellar Leap
  • One Copy of Stellar Leap and One Copy of Stellar Leap: Frontiers 
  • One Copy of Stellar Leap and One Copy of Stellar Leap: Frontiers, plus a Custom Home Planet. You determine the color and name of this planet. Planet names can only be 7-26 characters, depending on the characters. 
  • One Copy of Stellar Leap and One Copy of Stellar Leap: Frontiers Frontiers, plus your name or pseudonym as the discoverer of a Planet! 

Every pledge grants access to the pledge manager at the end of the campaign. 

All reward levels include the HQ Digital Print & Play File. If you'd like the HQ Digital Print & Play File for the Stellar Leap: Frontiers Expansion, add $4 to your pledge. 

To add an add-on to your pledge, click the Manage Your Pledge button, click the Change Your Pledge button, then update the pledge amount to add either an additional $20 for every custom planet you would like or $39 for an additional game of Stellar Leap. 

You can watch the full Chit Chat review here

Stellar Leap: Frontiers adds another layer to the base Stellar Leap game and it's made for those who want to explore all reaches of the galaxy! It consists of resource focused planets, diverse asteroids, events that can either give or take away your available options, and traits that are more challenging than those in the base game, but that can seriously pay off, if you make the right choices! The expansion also adds a new type of card: Solar System Completion Bonuses. These allow the player who completed a solar system to change that system in a significant manner. The expansion isn't large, but it's definitely significant! Stellar Leap: Frontiers is suggested for those who want to explore the farthest frontiers of Stellar Leap.

Expansion Contents:  
- 12 new Planet and Asteroids Cards
- 6 Event Cards  
- 8 Trait Cards
- 10 Solar System Completion Bonus Cards

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Playtesting Stellar Leap
Playtesting Stellar Leap


People sometimes wonder why they should back a Kickstarter campaign instead of waiting to get the game later in retail. The most important reason not to wait with Stellar Leap is that we currently have no plans to put this game into distribution. If you wait, you may end up missing out as we won’t have many extra copies to sell and unless your local store backs the campaign, they won’t be carrying it either. 

  • Kickstarter Limited – Stellar Leap will be very hard to find after the campaign. 
  • Help Us Improve Stellar Leap – We have a ton of stretch goals planned to help improve the quality of the components and add more content to the game for everyone!
  • Subsidized Shipping – We’re giving free shipping to the US, $10 to the EU and Canada and $15 to everyone else. We’re going to pay for the rest of the shipping costs. 
  • Discounted – After the campaign, we will sell the extra copies at a higher cost. 
  • EU Friendly – copies will be sent from inside the EU to avoid VAT fees for backers. 

Most importantly, without you, Stellar Leap would not get created. We definitely appreciate every backer’s support in making our dream a reality.

We would love to support game stores by offering the Kickstarter versions of Stellar Leap to retailers during the campaign. Back the project for $1, send us a message, and we'll get back to you! An invoice will be sent to you before we ship your rewards.


Shipping costs differ based on your location:  

  • Free for the United States 
  • $10 for the EU, Canada, and Australia 
  • $15 for the rest of the world 

We are working with several fulfillment partners to get Stellar Leap to you the proper way; Gamesquest for the EU, Snakes & Lattes for Canada, Aetherworks for Australia, and VFI Asia for all of Asia. We will personally be shipping out copies from the United States. 

 To order a second copy of Stellar Leap, add an additional $39 to your pledge with no additional shipping cost. 

 I am happy to discuss group orders larger than two copies, but these need to be handled on a country by country basis. Please send me a direct message including country and number of copies to discuss.


Stellar Leap is the second project of Weird Giraffe Games. Super Hack Override was our first project and it was delivered a month early to backers in March 2017. 

Weird Giraffe Games was founded to create games that are easy to learn and play, but layered with strategy.

Our team is made of the following people: 

  • Carla Kopp, Game Designer and Founder of Weird Giraffe Games
  • Nick Kopp, Game Developer and Founder of Weird Giraffe Games
  • Tyler Harris, Graphics Design and Illustration

We're looking forward to talking to you throughout this Kickstarter and after! Please feel free to reach out to us directly, in the comments, or in a variety of methods on social media if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We would love to hear from you! 




We'd also like to thank the following people for all of their help: 

  • Excision Games for making the music for our Kickstarter video. 
  • Erin and Lee Coduti, Ashley Grenon, Spencer Williams, Cameron Kirnes, Dillon Beck, John Brewer, Jamie Kelly, Jeff Hale, Brandon Robinson, Ian Allen, Mike Ryan, Tyler Crumpton, Terry and Kat Bayne, Megan Fenner, David and Jenny Pierce, Tony Miller, Aaron Wilson, John Prather, Alyse and Danny Capaccio, Ryan O'Leary, Nolan Nasser, Chris Zinsli, Mark Burke, Brad Adams, Annette Czech, Greg Kopp, Bill Coughenour, Chris Rowlands, Daniela Stellino, Joe Dickinson, Justin Jasmund, Jon Moffat, John Kemp, David Wiley, Jeremy Davis, Rockey of Craven Studios, Brent Dickman, Mike Hinson, Trey Moore, Kurt and Traci Aumueller, Kevin ​Carmichael and so many other playtesters! This game wouldn't be as good as it is without your help. 
  • Eric Yurko for all his help naming aspects of this game! He even made a great spreadsheet of options.  
  • Derek Maggs, Derek Funkhouser, Eduardo Baraf, Jeremy Davis, Jessica & Andrew Fisher, Jonathan Liu, Mark Burke, David Wiley, Christoph Richter and Eric Yurko for reviewing/previewing Stellar Leap. 
  • Cassie Friedman-Caffrey for making our Learn to Play Video.
  • Richard Simpson of We're Not Wizards, Catherine Ford of Our Turn Podcast, Jimmy Hudson of Board Game Closet, Dan Letzring of The Indie Game Report, Eric Buscemi of Punch Board Media, Cameron Kirnes and Will of Rocket Punch, and Kurtis Aumueller of MFGCast for helping raise awareness of Stellar Leap
  • Tabletop Game Kickstarter Advice FB group: I've learned so much from everyone! 




Available Rewards:

$49USD + Shipping

Stellar Leap with Frontiers Expansion

1 copy of Stellar Leap and 1 copy of Stellar Leap: Frontiers including all unlocked stretch goals.

US - Included
EU/Canada/Australia - $10 (EU Friendly)
Rest of World - $15


  • 1 copy of Stellar Leap and All Stretch Goals
  • 1 copy of the Stellar Leap: Frontiers Expansion Pack
$39USD + Shipping

Stellar Leap

1 copy of Stellar Leap including all applicable unlocked stretch goals.

US - Included
EU/Canada/Australia - $10 (EU Friendly)
Rest of World - $15


  • 1 copy of Stellar Leap and All Stretch Goals

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