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Fire in the Library is a press-your-luck game from Weird Giraffe Games by Tony Miller and John Prather with art by Beth Sobel and Katie Khau. 

Players are heroic librarians rescuing books to accumulate knowledge and earn bravery all while avoiding the flames before the library collapses! 

  • Easy to Learn: Simple enough for kids to play and enjoy, with depth and strategy that will keep serious gamers coming back. 
  • Increasing Intensity: Books increase in value all the way until the end but no one knows who will take the last turn. Players must decide if they should save tools for an epic late game point swing or grab points now to take an early lead. 
  • AI Variants: Experience the excitement of Fire in the Library on your own with the solo game or spice up a multi-player match by adding new challengers.

History is burning—take chances, be brave, SAVE BOOKS!

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 Below is the How to Play video: 

 Below is a full playthrough video: 

 Below is the How to Play for the solo version: 

Each round of Fire in the Library begins with each player obtaining a turn order card. Turn order cards contain safe and risky spaces for different strategies.

Play then moves to the Saving Books phase where each player, in turn order, draws tokens from a bag to see what they save. If you stop, you’ll score points for any books you save and earn points for bravery if you stopped on a risky space. Books will increase in value as Sections of the Library burn down. 

Watch out! Pressing your luck while Saving Books may pull out fire tokens. Pull two fire tokens out—or just one in a risky space—and things will all go up in flames as the fire spreads! Sections of the Library will collapse based on the tokens you pulled during the Saving Books phase if you've pressed your luck too far. This can cause more Fire tokens to be added to the bag, as well as increasing the value of the burned Sections. 

Fortunately, not everything is left up to luck. As a resourceful librarian, you have tools at your disposal. You start with two and may gain more during the course of the game. All of the tools provide new options for saving  books, changing the odds, or giving more opportunities to press your luck.

 Once each player has taken a turn, the Round is over and the fire continues to grow. Burn a Section of the Library by setting aside the Library card that has the lowest Burn Index Number (smaller number on the Library card).   

The game ends IMMEDIATELY when the last Library card for any one Section of the Library is removed. The player with the highest score, wins!

Rules, Print and Play, and TableTop Simulator

You can learn from the full rules here: (The rules are not final and will be formatted professionally in the final game). If you'd like us to translate the rules to another language, please tell us!  

You can download the black and white, non graphical Print and Play here.

Fire in the Library on Tabletop Simulator here!

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Every pledge grants access to the pledge manager at the end of the campaign.

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Fire in the Library Gifts

For the Fire in the Library gifts, we plan on contacting libraries around the country to find out which ones have game libraries and are open to receiving new ones.

If there's any library or other location, such as a Senior Center or Military base, that's near and dear to you, please contact us! We'd love to get the games to the libraries and other locations that could use them. 

The Gift backing levels will also come with an additional laser cut Fire in the Library gift token as a thank you for thinking about others!  There will be two tokens made, the Library Hero token for anyone who gifts at least one game and the Super Library Hero for those who gift at least three. 


To add an add-on to your pledge, click the Manage Your Pledge button, click the Change Your Pledge button, then update the pledge amount. 

The Jumbo Laser Cut Token Add-On will come with a set of Tarot sized Turn Order cards to fit the tokens.  Shipping is included for US backers, but if you're outside the US, you should add an additional $2 for shipping for each token or bag add-on.

Ultra Edition of Fire in the Library

This Ultra Edition is very special and unique; we'll make a few more than are backed here, but we'll never make a large number of them. Each one will have a unique token that only you will get. These are going to be handcrafted and put together in the US. This will complement the base Fire in the Library game and if you back for the Ultra Version, you will receive both the Ultra and base game. This means you can mix and match the components as you wish to create the game experience that you want. 

Social Goals

Help us reach four out of the five social goals and we'll add a Bravest Librarian card to the game! If we meet all five goals, we'll include a special promo card in the game, as well! 

Here's the links: BGG Page (Sign in to your account, then click the heart button), Facebook, Facebook post,Twitter, Twitter tweet

People sometimes wonder why they should back a Kickstarter campaign instead of waiting to get the game later in retail. The most important reason not to wait with Fire in the Library is that we currently have no plans to put this game into distribution. If you wait, you may end up missing out as we won’t have many extra copies to sell and unless your local store backs the campaign, they won’t be carrying it either.  

  • Kickstarter Limited – Fire in the Library might be very hard to find after the campaign, outside of select conventions.
  • Help Us Improve Fire in the Library – We have a ton of stretch goals planned to help improve the quality of the components and add more content to the game for everyone! 
  • Subsidized Shipping –  $5 shipping to the USA,  $10 to the EU and Canada and $15 to everyone else. We’re going to pay for the rest of the shipping costs. 
  • Discounted – After the campaign, we will sell the extra copies at a higher cost. 
  • EU Friendly – copies will be sent from inside the EU to avoid VAT fees for backers. 

Most importantly, without you, Fire in the Library would not get created. We definitely appreciate every backer’s support in making our dream a reality.

We would love to support game stores by offering the Kickstarter versions of Fire in the Library to retailers during the campaign. Back the project for $1, send us a message, and we'll get back to you! An invoice will be sent to you before we ship your rewards.

Shipping costs differ based on your location:  

  • $5 for the United States 
  • $10 for the EU, Canada, and Australia 
  • $15 for the rest of the world 

We are still working on the fulfillment strategy with several potential fulfillment partners to get Fire in the Library to you the proper way, with fulfillment partners in different parts of the world which will be chosen closer to shipping, as things tend to change over time. We intend to personally be shipping out the copies that have destinations within the United States. 

 To order a second copy of Fire in the Library, add an additional $24 to your pledge with no additional shipping cost. 

I am happy to discuss group orders larger than two copies, but these need to be handled on a country by country basis. Please send me a direct message including country and number of copies to discuss.

Fire in the Library is the third project of Weird Giraffe Games. Super Hack Override was our first project and it was delivered a month early to backers in March 2017. Stellar Leap is our second project and is currently scheduled to be delivered early to backers in June. 

Weird Giraffe Games was founded to create games that are easy to learn and play, but layered with strategy.  

The Fire in the Library team is made of the following people:    

 We're looking forward to talking to you throughout this Kickstarter and after! Please feel free to reach out to us directly, in the comments, or in a variety of methods on social media if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We would love to hear from you! 




We'd also like to thank the following people for all of their help:     

  • Ian Allen, Daryl Andrews, Steven Aramini, Danny Devine, Paul Kluka, Dillon Beck, Justin Brown, John du Bois, Chris Bryan, Steve and Tiffany Caires, Alyse and Danny Capaccio, Chris Chung, Erin and Lee Coduti, Yugo Cohen Nakai, Annette Czech, Jeremy Davis, Jon Duell, Scott Duncan, Randy Flynn, Jennifer Glinzak, Jeff Hale, Thomas Halpin, Scooter Hamilton, Mariah Toles, Jason Hancock, Andrew Hanks, Erica Hayes-Bouyouris, Jamie Kelly, Greg Kopp, Jason Kotarski, Emma Larkins, Janine Mason, Adam McIver, Adam Leamey, Molly Miller, Arielle Nakai Cohen, Daniel Peterson, David and Jenny Pierce, Emily and John Prather, Jessie Prather, Sarah and Will Reed, Brandon Robinson, Chris Rowlands, Paul Schmeltzer, Shawn Stankewich, Moriah Sorter, Jason Tagmire, Barry Tice, Vincent Verrinoldi, Evdokia Sofos, Eric Webb, Spencer Williams, Aaron Wilson, Diana Wray, Ian Zang, Michael Belsole III,  and so many other playtesters! This game wouldn't be as good as it is without your help.
  • Sarah and Will Reed for their wording help in the rules and on this page.  
  • Derek Maggs, Eduardo Baraf, Ric White, Jeremy Davis, Jessica & Andrew Fisher, Jeremy Howard, Jonathan Liu, Cassie Friedman-Caffrey, Stuart Dunn, Kevin and Melissa Delp, Derek Maggs, Matthew Smail,  Andy Matthrews, Lindsay Miller, Andrew Smith, Nicole Brady, and Eric Yurko for reviewing/previewing Fire in the Library. 
  • Cardboard Herald, Cathy from Our Turn, Breaking into Board Games, We're Not Wizards, Board Game Gumbo, Flat Out at the Table, Muddled Dice, MFGCast, Rockey from Craven Games, Tyson from Inside Game Design, and Zach from Board with Friends for helping raise awareness of Fire in the Library. 
  • Royalty Free Music for our video was from:

Available Rewards:

$22USD + Shipping

Fire in the Library

Fire in the Library is a press-your-luck game from Weird Giraffe Games by Tony Miller and John Prather with art by Beth Sobel and Katie Khau.


  • 1 copy of Fire in the Library with all unlocked stretch goals
$40USD + Shipping

Fire in the Library and Gift

We're giving you a way to give the gift of gaming, in addition to getting a copy of Fire in the Library for yourself. Libraries are a place where anyone can go and escape the realities of life and games are definitely a way to do that.

We'll be sending Fire in the Library to libraries with gaming collections around the US and will even cover the shipping for those games! If there's a library or other cause that is dear to you, please contact us.

We'll even give you a cool "Library Hero" laser cut token to show you our appreciation of your generosity!


  • 1 copy of Fire in the Library with all unlocked stretch goals
  • 1 copy of Fire in the Library with all unlocked stretch goals for an interested library
  • A cool "Library Hero" laser cut token!

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