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Dreams of Tomorrow is a competitive set collection game about weaving dreams, manipulating action spaces, and careful timing of abilities.

Can you shape a dream so powerful it can change the world?

  •  Shifting Action Spaces (Rondel): Take control of your destiny by using the Dreams you've collected to manipulate the location of the action spaces, change your direction, and much more! 
  •  Fast and Engaging Turns: Each turn involves moving around the action spaces to take the action of your choice. This could also give resources to your fellow dream engineers, so players are always engaged, even on others' turns!
  •  Many Ways to Play: There are two main modes of play: Pleasant Night, where the players make all the changes to the locations of the action spaces, and Troubled Night, where the Night Mare can upset the action spaces and take actions out of your reach. There's also the ability to add in an easy to play Robot Player to increase player count and chaos in the the game! 

 See the rest of Richard's runthrough below, in the How to Play section.  

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Watch the video below to learn more about the Mini Expansion.

The images in the video are not at all what will be on the final cards for the Mini Expansion. 

"These two kind of dreams cards add some new strategic elements to the game and can really spice it up if you played a bunch of games of Dreams of Tomorrow. " - Liz, Beyond Solitaire 

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Below is the How to Play video:  

Below Rahdo does a runthrough of the game: 

Pleasant Night Mode

Each player's turn consists of moving around the Collective Consciousness, which is a set of 8 action spaces, and taking the action of the space they land on. Players can move 1-3 spaces on their turn for free or move a larger number of spaces by paying resources to do so. 

The four Resource action spaces all give the player a large amount of resources and give all other players a small amount of resources. 

The four Dream action spaces allow players to take an action concerning Dreams. The Catch Dream action space allows you to catch a Dream from the Dreamscape, taking it into your Dream Catcher. The Weave a Dream action space allows you to take a Dream from your Dream Catcher and weave it into your Dream Sequence. Only Dreams in your Dream Sequence add dream points, which are needed to win the game. Finally, there's two Activate Dream action spaces. These action spaces allow you to take advantage of an ability of a dream at the end of your Dream Sequence or a Dream in your Dream Catcher. 

Dream Abilities can do a variety of things. They can allow you to move a card in the Collective Consciousness to a new location and move 1 or 2 spaces, to gain certain resources while others gain nothing, or to catch a Dream from the discarded Dreams stack. 

For example, if you had a Dream in your Dream Catcher with the Flip & Move 1 or 2 Ability, you could move to the Activate Dream action space, flip the card with the action space you wish to go to, then move to it. Abilities can put action spaces within your reach that otherwise wouldn't be. 

The end of game is triggered when any one player adds the 5th Dream to their Dream Sequence. All players take an equal number of turns and then scores are tallied up. Add the dream points from each Dream in your Dream Sequence, plus points for Resonance.

Resonance occurs when two or more adjacent Dreams in a Dream Sequence have matching symbols.

Troubled Night Mode

Once you want to play the game with increased challenge, there's the Troubled Night mode that adds in the Night Mare. The Night Mare wrecks havoc on its turn and can cause cards in the Collective Consciousness to move and flip, can clear the Dreams in the Dreamscape, or it can even steal resources. You'll have to think on your feet to keep up with this crafty pony. 

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Solo Mode

There's also a Robot Player that can be added to the game! This is who you fight against for the solo version of the game, or you can add it in for an extra challenge to the multiplayer game. The Robot Player has quick turns and makes the game a race to the finish line. It can definitely add in the challenge with the three different levels included with the game: easy, medium, and hard. 

See the rest of Liz's review in the Review Section.

Rules and Print and Play

You can learn from the full rules here:  (The rules are not final and will be formatted professionally in the final game). If you'd like us to translate the rules to another language, please tell us!  

You can download the prototype Print and Play here:

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Dreams of Tomorrow is the fourth project by Weird Giraffe Games. Super Hack Override was our first project and it was delivered a month early to backers in March 2017. Stellar Leap was our second project and was delivered on time to some backers in July 2018 and late to some backers in August and September 2018. Fire in the Library was our third project and is currently scheduled to be delivered early to backers in late 2018. 

Weird Giraffe Games was founded to create games that are easy to learn and play, but layered with strategy.  

The Dreams of Tomorrow team is made of the following people:    

Please feel free to reach out to us directly, in the comments, or in a variety of methods on social media if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We would love to hear from you! 




We'd also like to thank the following people for all of their help:     

  • Jessica Fisher for naming the Troubled and Pleasant Night game modes. 
  • Ian Allen, Annette Czech, Jeremy Davis,  Scott Duncan, Jeff Hale,  Jamie Kelly, Greg Kopp,  Nathan Cohen, Brandon Robinson,  Shawn Stankewich,  Barry Tice, Spencer Williams,  Ian Zang,  Lyle Johnson, Michael Thele, Cameron and Hannah McCarty, Barry Tice, John Brewer, Shari Queeney, Alex Mabry, Tyler Crumpton, Justin Price, Patrick, Valeria and Victoria Cana, Gabe Barrett, and so many other playtesters! This game wouldn't be as good as it is without your help. 
  • Derek Maggs, Elizabeth Davidson, Eduardo Baraf, Jeremy Davis, Jessica & Andrew Fisher, Jeremy Howard, Jonathan Liu, Cassie Friedman-Caffrey, Danny and Derek, Richard Hamm, Katie Aidley,  Jeremy Salinas, David Wiley,  Marti and Sarah Mahood-Wormuth, Man VS Meeple, Draft Mechanic, Mark Burke, Christopher Bowden, and Eric Yurko for reviewing/previewing Dreams of Tomorrow. 
  • Jack from Cardboard Herald, Cathy from Our Turn, Richard from We're Not Wizards, Board Game Gumbo, Flatout at the Table, Mike from Who What Why, Kurt from MFGCast,  AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps‏ from Girls Play Games  and Zach from Board with Friends for helping raise awareness of Dreams of Tomorrow. 
  •  Ian Allen (Seventh Son Games), Jamie Kelly (Foursight Games), David Wiley (Cardboard Clash), and Fredrik Skarstedt for helping to proofread the rules.  

Available Rewards:

$28USD + Shipping

Dreams of Tomorrow & Awaken Expansion


  • Dreams of Tomorrow with stretch goals
  • Dreams of Tomorrow: Awaken Expansion
  • Dreams of Tomorrow HQ Print and Play
$24USD + Shipping

Dreams of Tomorrow


  • Dreams of Tomorrow with stretch goals
  • Dreams of Tomorrow HQ Print and Play
$120USD + Shipping

Weird Giraffe Games Set of Games

Get all the games that Weird Giraffe Games has released, plus the complete set of promo cards!


  • Dreams of Tomorrow with Stretch Goals
  • Fire in the Library
  • Fire in the Library: Technology Expansion
  • Stellar Leap
  • Stellar Leap Frontiers
  • Super Hack Override
  • Complete Set of Weird Giraffe Games Promo Cards
$150USD + Shipping

Dreams and Fire in the Library Ultra


  • Dreams of Tomorrow with stretch goals
  • Dreams of Tomorrow HQ Print and Play
  • Fire in the Library - Ultra Edition
  • Fire in the Library
  • Fire in the Library: Technology Expansion

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